Remarketing Strategies for Generating More Leads

For any business, demand generation is a continuous struggle. Only 3% of first-time visitors will end up in the purchase and 97% of customers are lost. Therefore, the question remains about how to leverage your marketing efforts and retarget that 97% and remarket emails to receive more than 3%.

The question arises of how retargeting works. With the help of this blog, you will be able to receive a deeper insight on retargeting and remarketing along with how it works.

Remarketing versus Retargeting


Retargeting indicates the retargeting ads that facilitate to find out people who priorly visited your website, social channels, or advertisement but barely completed their actions. A plethora of benefits for retargeting is listed below.

  • Enhancement of brand awareness
  • Higher marketing return on investment ( ROI)
  • Deeper insights into the success story of your marketing efforts

Working of Retargeting

Foremost question which arises is how does retargeting work? A retargeting campaign records users’ behavior once they land on your domain till they leave.

Retargeting works through pixels and cookies provided by third parties networks like Google and Facebook. From this, you can clearly find how retargeting works with the help of ads simply by showing you similar products.


Remarketing utilizes email campaigns to re-engage your customers for doing business. Although there seems to be a lot of similarities between retargeting and remarketing as both of them try to re-engage your clients, both use separate channels and implement various methodologies.

Clearance of the confusion

Now there is confusion between remarketing versus retargeting. Oftentimes marketers utilize both the terms interchangeably especially in the case of the pay-per-click community. Take the example of Google, it itself conflates the two terms on Google ads retargeting help page.

When to use a campaign of retargeting to get over the campaign of remarketing?

Remarketing and retargeting strategies have an everlasting positive effect on your business. Considering good companies like Kimberly Clark and e-marketer it can be mentioned that they have witnessed significant growth by retargeting and remarketing email. Any marketing agency will advise you to go for both categories for leveraging your profit margins.

Below are listed several sets of retargeting and remarketing recommendations based on the marketing tool, Alexa.

Select retargeting if

  • You want to attract new customers
  • You lack a list of emails
  • Your Bounce rate for website design

Select remarketing if

  • You want to gain your previous customers.
  • Your budget for Google or Facebook retargeting ads is non-existent.
  • You have a list of engaged email customers.

What are the channels that can be used for my strategies for retargeting and remarketing?

Keeping aside Google retargeting, there are a number of channels like Facebook and LinkedIn that would be suggested by any social media marketing agency.

Google retargeting

  • Make your Google ads manager account and click on the toolbar icon on the navigation bar.
  • Click on the audience manager under the shared library.
  • Click on the blue big plus symbol under remarketing
  • A drop-down list will pop up, select the options considering the target like Website visitors, YouTube users, and so on.
  • Name your audience by selecting the type of audience.
  • For each target, page, tag, and date it will have different options.

Facebook retargeting

  • Develop dynamic ads by moving to Facebook ad manager and retarget ads after using the audience.
  • Select retargeting option considering ads of Facebook retargeting and audience.
  • Select the duration of time considering the date of the last action on Facebook.

LinkedIn retargeting

  • Click on LinkedIn campaign manager.
  • Select an account name.
  • Choose matched assets from account assets.
  • Select the create audience button located at the top right of the page.
  • Select the website from the dropdown.
  • Give a name to your audience.
  • Add the URLs for your website.
  • Lastly, click create.

How to execute strategies for retargeting and remarketing effectively?

Innovative ideas will help in retargeting and remarketing. Recommendations have been provided in this blog that will help you to execute your retargeting and remarketing strategies.

  • Creation of copies that highlight solutions
  • Showcase the products that interest the consumers
  • Creation of a sense of urgency
  • Offering discounts to the customers who had abandoned the carts
  • Cross-sell to the existing buyers


There is no denial of the fact that initially, total percentage of your target customers will not turn up at their first visit. This all depends on brand recognition alongside potential customers unwilling to purchase commodities. Despite, the strategies of remarketing and retargeting works in favor. Consulting a remarketing agency, will be possible for you to be more specific on your goals, reach your target customers potentially and turn up the previous audience.