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How Leveraging WordPress Can Boost Your Business’s Online Visibility and Credibility

At Strategy & ROI, we’ve been in the business of creating stellar websites for our clients for over three years. Having built a plethora of sites across various industries, we often get asked, “What’s the best platform for my business website?” Our recommendation, unequivocally, is WordPress. Here’s why we think WordPress should be your go-to […]...
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Unlocking Success: Website Design & Marketing for the Locksmith Industry

In today’s age of digital dominance, even industries as specialized as locksmithing cannot afford to dismiss the power of online presence. That’s where “Strategy & ROI” steps in. With our knack for fusing strategy with tangible results, we’ve set our sights on assisting locksmith businesses to amplify their digital identity. Understanding the Locksmith Industry’s Digital […]...
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Bridging the Gap: The Role of Accessibility in WordPress Design and Development

Web accessibility, in essence, involves creating a web experience that is inclusive, accessible, and user-friendly for everyone, regardless of physical or cognitive abilities. In the realm of WordPress design and development, this is more than a nicety – it’s a necessity. The rising demand for accessible web content has placed the spotlight on the critical […]...