Indented Search Results: What is It and How Can It Impact Your SEO Strategy?

Does the SERP page look a little different to you lately? No, it is not a figment of your imagination.

Recently, Google’s indented search results hit the deck on 40% of the search engine result pages. So, you will find two or more links under one domain clustered at the top of the result page. It is a part of Google’s constant testing of new search features to improve user experience.

With such buzz around this significant change in Google’s search engine result page, we thought of delving deep to explore why Google introduced this change and how it can affect your SEO strategy.

Why is Google Indenting Search Result?

The indented search result is a brand-new feature. So, there is no long-term testing data. However, we have a strong reason to believe it can enhance organic CTRs to cater better to the searcher’s requirements.
Just as sitelinks provide multiple page options to the users from a single domain, the second indented URL below the primary listing improves the likelihood of giving a relevant answer when the intent or query isn’t clear.

According to the reports, the change was introduced around June 2021. However, the full rollout took place in October.

SEO experts didn’t really find anything new in their look or feel since they look just like Google’s search result page with expanded sitelinks. Remember, sitelinks are the additional links present below the main link that adds content to a publisher or brand. They might be shown as Google Ads feature or organically. But indented search results show the listings where each of the results are related in terms of the topic.

Impact of Indented SERPs on SEO

Indented SERPs are not replacing extended sitelinks that take people to a certain page on your website. Rather they are a new addition. It appears for a broader mix of search results that do not have to be topic-related and not brand-related.

Research has shown that a domain can display up to three indented search results. So, SEO professionals who have been looking to dominate the SERP for a term, this is a huge benefit.

But SEO experts agree that there will be no significant change when it comes to their SEO strategy. If anything, they are now in a good position to secure cluster listing on the SERPs.

You might not be able to tell the pages to feature in a sitelink but you can use advanced schema strategy to enable Google to understand each page’s content. Thereby, when a user types a broad query, Google can provide them with an array of results that will get them to the targeted place much faster.

Which Brands will Benefit from Indented SERPs?

Like we said, indented search isn’t replacing sitelinks. But brands with a robust SEO strategy can improve their chances of climbing up the search engine ladder. In fact, these brands will now be able to get multiple listings for the branded, as well as non-branded keywords.

Affiliate marketing strategies might be slowed down since the primary brands are going to consume more visual space. So, if you are working with influencers and affiliates, improved visibility comes as good news. However, you might not want to be deprived of your affiliate network due to the adjustments in search results. So, work with reputable and high-authority affiliates who are capable of handling the changes, ranking competitively, and preparing for Google search result updates.

Improve Your SEO Strategy with an SEO expert

You might need the help of an expert to prepare an SEO strategy for indented search results. working with an SEO expert will give you an edge over your competitors who are strategizing all by themselves. An SEO expert will prepare not only for the indented search but also for various other updates in the search results.

Even though indented results don’t require you to make any significant changes to the search results, taking the help of an SEO expert can make sure you are prepared for a broader rollout in time to come. Also, with the help of an SEO expert, you can formulate a strong internal linking strategy as studies have shown that many pages ranking on indented search are interlinked. It will definitely be worth the effort as even though Google is still to confirm indented search, it seems like indented search might be elevated from lower ranks. Thus, it will give your website an artificial boost.