Procedure to Target and Find the Right Audience on Social Media

With the help of 3.78 billion social media users, social media marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram has proven to be one of the potential mediums to reach the target audience.

Target audience is the group of people who share common traits, demographics, behavior, and location.

How to find on social media your target audience

It is easier to sell any product on social media, importance should be laid on targeting audience that is beneficial. This will help you to gain insights regarding the steps and implement those to identify your target market.

  1. Leveraging personas of marketing: social media audience analysis is essential for better targeting. This can be done in two parts. Firstly, developing a social media persona on the basis of an existing buyer persona. Utilization of current data to accumulate knowledge regarding age, demographics, education, gender, and income help in social media targeting.
  2. Tools for social media audience: secondly, incorporating social media tools for audiences which include Google Analytics, Instagram, and Facebook will facilitate gathering information, targeting the audience.
  3. Conducting polls for the purpose of complimenting personal marketing data: Ask your customers about their experiences with the help of surveys and polls. One of the potential mediums can be an email campaign where you can ask the customers regarding the content they want to see on social media.
  4. Employing social listening: listen to your audience for a better target social media persona. You also need to focus on the nuances of social media platforms. If you prefer partnering with any, make sure that it helps you to move ahead of the nuances of the target social media.
  5. Competition research: conducting a comparative research will help you to understand what your rivals” actions required for strengthening your business strategies for targeting the audience.

There are distinctive ways to identify your target market. Social media marketing strategies will help you to reach your target market.

The four social media platforms for alignment of business

Facebook Instagram Twitter and YouTube have been successful in developing a better customer base for some of the industries whereas others have failed miserably. You need to align the social media platforms alongside your business for getting better results. The below section will aid you in determining the best social media platform for your business.


Here is a list of strategies that will help you to reach your audiences through Facebook:

  1. “We are social” mentions that 31.6% of Facebook users are between the age of 25 to 35 years, rest 23.8% age of 18 to 24 years.
  2. The majority of the Facebook audience is using mobile phones and sharing photos and video content are the foremost actions of the audiences.
  3. Business-to-consumer brands benefit a lot by creating brand awareness.


  1. Instagram contains influencers working as brand ambassadors. Around 90% of users follow one business account.
  2. Adhering to the demographics it is possible to target your market with the help of Instagram as research says that 71% of its uses in the USA belong to the age group of 18 years.
  3. It is easier to target an audience through branded posts. Much easier for the fashion, retail or skin care industry along with the real estate, food service, and education industry.


  1. It is the sixth most popular platform.
  2. 82% of B2B customers use Twitter.
  3. People are much familiar with Twitter.
  4. You can create a multi-platform strategy as various users utilize both Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Overlapped Facebook Ads for targeting audiences can be utilized by you for Twitter also adhering to its security.


  1. It relies on sophisticated methods as it is owned by Google.
  2. Reaching millennials and Generation Z all the members is easier with Twitter.
  3. 62% of the target audience access YouTube daily and 92% weekly.
  4. YouTube premium and channel membership help in earning remuneration.
  5. Advertisements on YouTube have been able to boost brand identity.

There are other social media platforms leading to brand and business marketing that incorporate LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tiktok, Pinterest

Working with social media expert

Social media marketing agencies can also help you to reach and target your potential audience. Henceforth, you should search for social media marketing agencies that:

  1. Understand necessary requirements
  2. Structures better strategy based on your business objectives
  3. Provide in-depth information
  4. Looks after appropriate management of creativity time and purchase

Marketing personas and loyal customers

This blog has thrown light on the social media marketing platform alongside the importance of targeting audience. You need to select marketing agencies that will help you to develop a loyal customer base by implementing innovative strategies that will obviously provide the desired outcomes.