UX Statistics You Should Know In 2022: Why is User Experience Important?

User experience is the technique used to generate a positive emotion through customer interactions on your site. With Google’s recent Page Experience update, it is more important for websites to focus on user experience to align themselves with Google’s updated guidelines. It can help websites rank better on the search engine result pages.

If you want to maintain a low bounce rate and improve conversion rates, pay close attention to your site’s UX.

In this article, we are going to discuss a few user experience statistics for improving your domain and conversion rates.

Why is User Experience Important?

User experience is crucial as it tries fulling the needs of the users. Its goal is to offer positive experience that will keep your users loyal to the brand or the product or service you offer. Moreover, a meaningful user experience lets you define the customer’s journey on the products that are conducive to the success of your business.

Any interaction that takes place within the website will contribute to the overall experience of the user that can affect your customer’s conversion decision.

If you leverage UX design and writing, you can provide a positive user experience to your customers. It can help in improving your customer’s perception of you and the products you offer.

General User Experience Statistics 2022

People develop a perception about a brand or business within a few seconds. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that impressions matter. Based on if the impressions are negative or positive, it can affect how they interact with the site.

Now, we are going to take a look at the general UX statistics 2022 to get to know more about UX design.

  • 75% of the Visitors on a Site Judge a Website’s Credibility Depending on Its Aesthetics

The study had been performed by Consumer Web Watch in 2002. Sure, the statistics might be two decades old, but it is still valid since it shows you how important it is to make the first impression.

Another study performed recently has shown that users take only 50milisceonds to form an opinion about a site. The opinion can be negative or positive, and it depends on your website’s design.

  • About 420Million People are Using Ad Blockers Due to Poor Experience with Ads

The study by Userbrain concluded this. UX 2022 statistics show that ad publishers have suffered a revenue loss of up to $35billion last year. This is primarily due to the influx of ad blockers in the market. Users using ad-blockers have stated that they use ad blockers are they are irrelevant and intrusive.

  • Each US Household Use More than 10 Connected Devices in 2020

Statista performed a study in 2022 that concluded that US households are using more than 10 connected devices. An average American uses more than two mobile phones and two laptops in their house. Thus, your potential customers might use different devices with different screen sizes for accessing the site.

Advantages of Good UX Statistics 2022

PwC performed a study that showed that people are ready to pay as much as 18% more for a product just because they enjoyed an excellent customer experience. So, they are willing to pay more if you offer an excellent customer experience.

Deloitte research concluded that even if you improve the load time of the site by 0.1 seconds, it can increase the conversion rate by10% for travel websites and 8% for retail websites.

Impact of Bad UX Statistics 2022

Bad UX can lead to many issues. These problems might have can have an effect on the bottom line.

  • 13% of the Users Share Their Bad Experience with At Least 15 More People

This had been concluded by Kolsky’s study in 2015. It will lead to a bad experience. It will spread the word about the kind of experience your site offers. 72% of the users will tell at least 6 more people they know about the experience they had within the site.

  • 88% of the Users Experiencing Bad UX are Less Likely to Go Back to the Website

The study by Toptal in 2018 concluded this. UX stats show that bad user experience originates from bad design. Your customers can be frustrated by clunky visuals, bad design, aggressive marketing tactics, or slow performance. The study also shows why customers don’t want to return to a certain website.

  • 32% Users are Ready to Leave a Brand After One Bad Experience

PwC study 2022 showed that even loyal customers are ready to leave a site after only one bad experience.

Mobile User Experience Statistics

Billions of people are using mobile phones to browse the internet. So, if a website doesn’t cater to them, they are going to miss out on a large chunk of customers. This can be damaging for a business. Here are some mobile user experience statistics that you need to check out.

  • Users Leave a Mobile Site When It doesn’t Open within 3 Seconds

Google 2016 Study showed that websites only have 3 seconds to get the attention of the mobile users. Today, users have less attention span. Thus, if you don’t optimize your website’s loading speed, it can increase bounce rate and push you down the search engine ranking pages.

  • 45% of the Users Expect Website Content to Display Accurately Across Various Devices

Adobe’s 2018 study concluded this. UX stats have shown that users are 5x times more likely to leave any task they are doing on a particular site if it is not optimized for mobile. So, optimize your content for mobile.

Bottom Line

User experience is much more than what a website looks like. It is all about a customer’s journey from discovering a site to making a purchase. So, create a positive user experience throughout your customer’s journey rather than just focusing on it to avoid penalties.