A Comprehensive Guide to Google Ads Optimization Score

Google has come up with the Google Ads optimization score. It’s a new addition and can be checked from the Ad interface’s recommendation tab. Google introduced this to help marketers and businesses optimize their Google Ads results.

Here is a 360-degree look at Google Ads Optimization Score. We will take a look at how it is calculated and how you can leverage it for your business. Our blog post will help you broaden your idea about Google Ads.

What is Google Ads Optimization Score?

With the Google Ads optimization score, you can get an insight into how your Google Ads account should perform. The score is given in percentage. If your score is 100%, it means your account is performing to its full potential. However, if the score is 0%, it means your accounts require immediate fixing.

Apart from the score, the feature provides recommendations on how you can improve the score and maximize the advertisement campaigns.

The process to view the optimization score is similar whether you are viewing from the individual campaign or manager account. It is as simple as creating an account on Google Ads dashboards. You have to go to your account and click on ‘Recommendation’.

The score is updated in real-time and is also unique to the account.

How is Google Ads Optimization Score Calculated?

The exact procedure to calculate the optimization score is kept in Google’s black box, but there are a few things, which are based on the documentation of Google.

The optimization score, according to Google is calculated on the basis of settings, statistics, the recent recommendation history, effect of available recommendations, and account status. It is based in real-time.
So, the optimization score might change depending on various factors, ranging from trends to the settings. You might see a different score when any change takes place.

Here we will break it down on the basis of what we know and our experience. The Google Optimization Score is based on.

  • Real-Time: In case you don’t pay heed to a recommendation, the optimization score will change.
  • Your Settings: The recommendation system can understand the specific conversion actions and also the account structure. Thus, Google asked to update the conversion action categories to better understand the actions that are valuable. It might also understand the ad group themes and offer recommendations on the basis of the keyword match types.
  • Your Statistics: Google might be using a combination of the past performance of your account and predictive modeling to calculate the impact score of every optimization it recommends.
  • Status of the Account and Campaigns: Your Recommendation tab will offer suggestions for active campaigns. In case the campaign is not running, you are not going to receive any recommendations to declutter the system, and focus on what is going to be the largest impact.
  • Relevant Impact of Recommendations that are Available: It refers to the fact that recommendations are considered depending on the account’s perceived impact. The higher is the recommendation score, the bigger will be the impact it will have.
  • Trends in Ads: Google Trends keeps the marketers stay updated about the changes, particularly when they advertise during the campaign. These days Google has started surfacing some of the insights within Google Ads UI, directly. The insights are expected to expand in the time to come.
  • Recent Recommendation History: At present, this is a little unclear. However, it is likely alluding to the hierarchy within Google Ads Recommendation and learning which ones you have applied.

So, Google Ads uses machine learning and automation tools to calculate Optimization Score. Thereafter, it uses your account structure and conversion activities to learn about your setup. The details are run through the predictive modeling of Google to decide if there is an opportunity for the campaigns of Google Ads.

Why does Your Google Ads Optimization Score Matter?

Google Ads and SEO tactics are executed separately, but the optimization score is at the center. It is one of the tools that is used for maximizing Google Ads account and outcomes.

The optimization score matter because-

  • It is based on the exclusive account setup
  • Helps in achieving your ad goals effectively
  • Enables you to identify the opportunities for optimizing the Google Ads account
  • Suggest crucial changes you need to prioritize

How to Leverage Google Ads Optimize Score for Your Business Website?

Google Optimization Score can be highly useful. It provides you with tips to optimize the Google Ads account in various areas you might not have noticed. With Google Recommendations, you can identify the errors present in the account structure or keywords that are below the first-page bid.

But how do you use the score to your advantage? Well, here are a few tips that will help in leveraging Google Ads Optimization Score.

  1. Consider the Bigger Picture

Many Google Ads recommendation is likely to drive the ad spend. This is mainly due to two reasons-

  • Google Ads earns from augmented ad spend
  • Ads Words optimization is an investment that can enhance your returns

However, this can happen when your campaign budget increases and is handled rightly by an expert of Google Ads.

To get a good return, you can entrust your campaign to a Google Ads management company.

  1. Apply or Dismiss Recommendations in the Right Manner

Just because Google is providing Recommendations doesn’t mean you will have to apply all of them. You need to ensure it aligns with your strategies and shouldn’t increase your Google Ads spend.
For instance, usually, each account has recommendations to add broad match keywords. Google recommends optimization so that the ads serve for long-tailed searches. The recommendations will only be applied in bulk. However, the strategist has to analyze them separately as many of them are going to be irrelevant or overlap with existing keywords.

  1. Understand What Optimization Score is Not

Google Ads Optimization Score is specific to your account and isn’t a comparative measure as there is no good optimization score benchmark. In case your score is 70%, it means you are missing out on 30% worth of opportunities your website will be missing out on.

Your optimization score reflects the areas you need to work on and suggests changes depending on Google predictions and data. However, it does not say how well the campaign is performing.

  1. Give Importance to the Recommendations with the Highest Impact

The optimization score scores every recommendation depending on how much they have to work on their performance.  But the recommendation that will improve your score is the activity with the highest impact. This can be Google detecting obvious mistakes you should fix or data that tells you about your top growth opportunities.

Usually, any new account can apply the suggested recommendations without worrying about anything as they are still in the process of settling down. But if you have a more established account, you might need the help of an expert.

Reasons to Get Help from Professional Google Ads Management Service

Google Ads Optimization Score will recommend changes depending on the account performance and with the evolution of the Google Ads platform. Even if it depends on predictions and doesn’t have any guarantee, they will point in the right direction. When you take the help of Google Ads Management service, they will take the insights and use them to your advantage.

Here are a few reasons you should take the help of professional Google Ads Management.

  1. They Cater to Your Requirements

A professional service will leverage the optimization score as required. For instance, if some of the long-term accounts have performed the right way, applying the recommendations on such accounts might cost a month of hard work. However, the Google Ads management team can handle these effectively and squander the outcomes from Google Ads services.

  1. They Make Decisions Based on Data

Google Ads specialist use their long-term experience and data, to decide if the recommendations offered are going to work in your favor.

Bottom Line

Google Ads Optimization Score is a new feature evaluating how well your campaign has been set up. To ease out online advertising, Google is continuously working on introducing innovative and new updates and features for the marketing aids. But the feature can be a little difficult to keep up with, especially if you are not updated on the recent updates. In that case, you can take the help of a professional.