Some Website Redesign Mistakes That Might Mutilate SEO

Whether you own a website or helping another client, redesigning of the website is one of the important components for acquiring today’s marketing benefits. To be one of the tough competitors in the marketplace, it is important to keep up with the latest trends and strategies. But thinking from the side of SEO, there might because of certain issues which could be a result of penalties for your online presence.

Here are some of the things which you can keep in mind while you are planning to perform a website redesign –

Promptly Changing Image Name That Rank Well

If any of the web-pages of the website is ranking well, changing the image name might result in a loss of ranking. The designer needs to have knowledge about SEO when planning to design a website that has been ranking well already. It is important to get in touch with the right designer who will implement the right set of images and not take away the important elements that further helps the search engines in the ranking.

Changing or Deleting URL by Not Redirecting Them

While you are planning to design your website again, there might be some pages which will not be needed. Some designers then to delete them at one go where it can actually be moved or renamed. Often less experienced designers change the URLs which is not a productive thing to do.

Some pages might already have a good ranking or might have been bookmarked by the audience. When you tend to delete the page or the inbound link, the core value of SEO built gets lost. And this might further harm the ranking, create negative user-experience.

The best way to delete such pages is by redirecting them to the relevant page that exists. This will help the search engine to get back to the new location and also garner the right pathway for the .htaccess file. In case you can’t, you might have to adjust the settings of the FTP program.

Leaving the Development Environment Crawlable

People tend to handle development environment in different ways. Some create a strict domain for development, some take precautions to hide the development environment while some follow the links and index of the content in regards to the search engines.

This might cause to be a problem as there could be 2 index versions of the same website which further causes issues with content and links. The first step to conduct is cleaning of the URL that has never been used for any live website. The next step is to disallow all bots by using robots.txt and set up an empty index page so that the other files and folders are not visible.

From there you can either set up a separate fold during the development and combine it with a combination of incomplete words.

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