Pros And Cons of Social Media

Social media is a harbinger of change in the fields of communication. Individuals are now empowered to surpass distance, time by communicating with the entire world. Besides, it has also provided scope for brands and businesses to connect with potential customers.

In this blog, we will reflect on the pros and cons of social media marketing. So let’s begin.

Pros of social media

Social media marketing will facilitate you in targeting a large customer base surpassing the geographical domains.

  • Targeting a large audience base

2020 witnessed a steady growth in the number of users of social media which indicates that there is higher scope for you to target customers from different age groups with the help of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

  • Options for ad customization

Most social media sites provide opportunities for ads customization which evolves over time and it helps in selecting daily budget and audience.

  • You can track alongside optimize your advertisement performance

One of the finest features of social media marketing is its capacity to track performance levels of advertisements with the help of analytical reports that contribute to developing concrete advertising plans

  • Costeffectiveness of social media marketing

Social media marketing empowers one to implement various strategies to reach customers (keeping aside the conventional mode of marketing) at a cheaper cost.

  • Social media marketing helps driving traffic to your website

Social media marketing helps in attracting customers through creative tactics.

  • Enhancement of brand awareness due to social media marketing

Social media marketing helps in leaving an imprint on the minds of the target audience that turns them into potential future customers whilst developing brand loyalty.

  • Uncovering insights of valuable customers

Availability of customer data helps in gaining insights into customers’ behavior and psyche, contributing to changes in marketing strategies.

Cons of social media

Instead of having the advantages, social media marketing is also liable to drawbacks that have been discussed below.

  • Time and appropriate planning is required for social media marketing

It requires elaborate planning, enormous effort, and long-term marketing strategies to reach customers with the help of social media platforms.

  • You will receive flow returns on your investment

It takes a long time and patience to receive the success of a brand as it depends on your campaign effort.

  • Vulnerable to competitors

The open nature of social media exposes one to competitors as your ideas are always open for adoption by others.

  • Open to negative feedback

Moreover, social media offers all scopes to share their thoughts and opinions; it is exposed to negative feedback. Excessive negative feedback can ruin your business.

  • PR nightmare

One should be cautious about the content sharing as malicious content when shared takes enormous effort to remove as myriads of screenshots might have been taken. This turned out to be a PR nightmare and went out of control.

  • Financial investments on professionals who are skilled

Investing in skilled professionals helps in developing strong websites.

  • Issues related to security alongside privacy

Walking as an advertiser pushes one to surrender both public and private information that indicates a potential data breach by hackers who might be working for competitors.


Standing at the perfect 21st-century one is recommended to invest in social media marketing in order to reach a plethora of customers in real-time. Both the possibilities and drawbacks of social media marketing have been discussed in this blog that will help you in developing effective business strategies and a roadmap to enhance your business.