Creating A Website To Give Transfer Travel Internet

Strategy & ROI Helped Transfer Travel Gain Online Credibility By Creating A Stunning New Website

Transfer Travel was a travel portal that provided 360-degree travel support to all its customers. But with an outdated website and janky customer experience, they were losing out on a lot of potential customers. And that’s when they contacted us at Strategy and Roi, to help them develop a new website with the latest techs implemented in it. So, we took up the challenge and promised that we would make the best website they could ever imagine. And this in turn helped them succeed and grab the attention of new potential clients.


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January 2022

The Challenge

Creating a drop-dead gorgeous website for a luxurious travel destination website can become quite a tough row to hoe. It’s a remarkably hard process of blending minimalism with a stunning design and maximum utility. And of course, we had to balance it with the business needs. Also, we had to take care of the fact that this needed to have an incredible user experience as there are a lot of small technical parts working in tandem.

January 2022

Project Idea

The plan for the project was to create an experience that is a one-stop travel destination for the clients. So, we took API from various websites and implemented it in a way that was a seamless experience. We also made sure that the website portrays the vibe of a smooth and effortless travel experience while making sure that the web design is simplistic and relaxing.

February 2022

Using Our Skill Set

We built a brand new website from scratch using the latest technology available. We used tools such as angular, Bootstrap, Moment JS,  React, and others to create a stunning and functional website. Our designers and content team worked hard to create a website that matched our client’s vision and goals.

February 2022

Executing the Strategy

Design is what at the end of the day attracts customers. So, we relied on a beautiful color palate that’s easy on the eyes to create a sense of comfort and real live images of the services to provide a sense of comfort. And our web developers created custom codes that made sure the customer didn’t face any kind of glitch when using the website. The content was keyword-optimized but told the story of the brand so that the customer could know what they were paying for.

May 2022

The Solution

We didn’t just make the website fundamentally easy for both the client and the end-user. Our minimalist and photographically-driven strategy allowed a suave user experience. Therefore the flow of the site can be enjoyed in a way that naturally induces conversions.

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