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Strategy & ROI Helped Shelly Davis Gain New Followers And Grow Her Reach

Shelly Davies is one of the leading motivational speaker, writer, artist, and all-around rebel shattering every barrier, famous in New Zealand with an ever-expanding fanbase all around the globe. So, when they approached us to create a new and exciting website for them, Strategy and ROI were having a serious fan moment. So, we put in our all efforts and love to create the best website we could that portrayed their awesomeness while getting in touch with their ever-growing number of fans.


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February 2023

The Challenge

The challenge that we faced in this project was not the technical aspect, but the aspect that we needed to create a website that suited their taste. and the challenge that arose was catering to the huge fanbase that they had. so, we sat down with their team, and decided on the vibe and how to proceed, and then started working.

February 2023

Project Idea

The project was unique from the very start, and we realized very early on that it is a job that requires grace, poise, and finesse. So, we decided to create every aspect of the website with utmost delicacy. From choosing the theme to creating every line of code to implementing the e-commerce API in the website, the team dedicated themselves to making it a success.

March 2023

Using Our Skill Set

We created a whole website from scratch using the hottest technology available. We used tech like JS, sentry, react, and other such tools to create the website. Our designers and content team also put in their everything to create a website that will resonate with what our client needed to succeed.

March 2023

Executing the Strategy

We realized that the strategy that we needed to take was total market domination. So, we developed the website, created backlinks, and did SEO, and we launched on the 2nd page of Google, and became the top website in a week. And they saw a huge boost in popularity just after we launched, and the count is still going on.

Jun 2023

The Solution

Our design was a huge success. They just loved our project. And we helped them reach new customers and their mass of adoring fans while increasing their online visibility and reputation. We also helped them reach new fans and increased their revenue flow as well.

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Our website marketing has helped Shelly Davies achieve remarkable results. We have worked to maximize the client’s potential within only a few months of partnership.

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We believe we have the power to improve any business and increase its customer base, in turn increasing sales.

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We commit ourselves wholly to the relations we forged with you, and we promise it doesn’t end after we have finished the project.

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