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Strategy and ROI's Triumph: Empowering The Black Queens in E-Commerce

In the realm of website development, every project presents its unique challenges and opportunities. Strategy and ROI, a prominent player in the field, recently had the privilege of collaborating with Christo Closet a brand that resonates deeply with the essence of modern fashion and empowerment: the trailblazing Black Queens. Icons like Beyoncé, Serena Williams, and Halle Berry have not only left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment and sports but have also ignited a powerful movement that encourages women to embrace their authenticity.


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January 2021

The Challenge

When Strategy and ROI were entrusted with the task of translating the Black Queens’ influence into an impactful e-commerce platform, the team was elated. The mission was not just to create a website for Christo Closet, but to capture the spirit of strength, confidence, and individuality that these exceptional women personify.

January 2021

Project Idea

From the outset, Strategy and ROI recognized the significance of the project. The team gave painstaking care to understanding the ethos of the brand and developed a whole plan surrounding the talks we had with the client. The goal was not merely to sell products, but to curate an experience that would resonate with women from all walks of life, celebrating their uniqueness and encouraging self-expression.

February 2022

Using Our Skill Set

The development journey was marked by collaborative brainstorming sessions, where the Strategy and ROI team worked closely with the  Christo Closet brand representatives. This partnership was essential in capturing the essence of the  Christo Closets’ legacy and channeling it into every aspect of the website. From color palettes that exuded confidence to a user interface that radiated elegance, every element was carefully considered to ensure a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality.

February 2022

Executing the Strategy

The result was a website that transcended traditional e-commerce platforms. It was a digital sanctuary that paid homage to the Christo Closets’ influence on fashion, culture, and empowerment. Users could not only explore a range of products endorsed by these icons but also delve into their stories and their impact on society. The Strategy and ROI team seamlessly integrated storytelling with shopping, creating an immersive experience that resonated deeply with visitors.

Jun 2022

The Solution

The launch of the website was met with resounding success. The brand’s admirers and enthusiasts flocked to the platform, not just to make purchases, but to be part of a movement that celebrated strength, authenticity, and empowerment. The website became more than a transactional space; it became a testament to the enduring legacy of the Christo Closets and their ability to inspire positive change. For Strategy and ROI, this project was more than a professional accomplishment; it was a celebration of shared values and a commitment to uplifting voices that have shaped a generation. The collaboration with the Christo Closets brand reinforced Strategy and ROI’s belief in the power of design and technology to amplify meaningful narratives.

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