Running Google Ads Campaign To Increase Reach

Strategy & ROI Helped Ricoelectric Penetrate The North American Market And Expand In The States

Rico Electric is one of the primary customer support for all kinds of electrical and RV fittings in Canada. But when they tried to expand their wings in the American market, they realized that they were going to face some tough competition. That’s why they asked us, Strategy and Roi to create a Google ads campaign for them so that they can expand in the American market and get new customers and the North American market.


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Nomvember 2021

The Challenge

The challenge was that the North American market was already saturated with brands that have a loyal customer base and some brand recognition. So, we realized that slipping into those cracks would be a challenge. Also, we had to create ads with a shoestring budget, that was one more challenge we needed to overcome.

Nomvember 2022

Project Idea

The main idea behind the project was to create brand recognition but not spend a lot doing it. So we decided that we would go the organic way, where we would work it out using low-competition keywords and not spending a lot on the auction.

December 2022

Using Our Skill Set

Our team of experts took this challenge and they put in hours of work choosing the right keywords and new marketing tactics.

December 2022

Executing the Strategy

The more relevant an Ad is to a user’s search, the more likely that user is to click through. We took our campaign and expanded it from three Ad groups to six. By making the Ads relate more to specific keywords, the click-through rates started improving immediately. Targeted Ad groups, focusing on particular aspects of this company’s widgets, provided a much higher CTR. As the CTR improved, Google rewarded our client by lowering the CPC. In comparing the first month of running the six ad groups to the month before, the CTR increased from 2.41% to 3.89%, and the CPC decreased from $2.24 to $2.17.

March 2023

The Solution

Strategy & ROI rebuilt the customer’s AdWords account from the ground up, splitting it into meaningful campaigns that targeted specific demographics. Strategy & ROI built Ad Groups within each campaign and created ads targeting audiences within each group. As a result, Ad engagement began increasing, which lowered the cost-per-click for the client’s Ads.

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