Helping Them Reach New Clientele

Strategy & ROI Helped Caiazzo Law Firms Gain New Clientele And Grow Their Retention Rates

Caiazzo Law Firms is an attorney firm in South Philadelphia that handles personal injury claims. Despite being highly successful in their endeavors, they struggled to get new clients. After a few unsuccessful attempts at gaining new clients, they were referred to Strategy and ROI. When we went through their website and business data, we realized the best strategy for them to gain traction in the competitive space is a PPC Campaign. And that’s what we did for them.


Inspect Our Milestone to Discover How We Won Our Objective

Jun 2021

The Challenge

The main challenge was to bring new clients to the organization. As our client was not part of a huge corporation, they did not have a huge marketing budget. So, they requested us to work on a shoestring budget, and being who we are, we jumped into the challenge with the promise of helping them out.

Jun 2022

Project Idea

The idea of the project was to use a low-competition keyword so that it doesn’t cost as much. We also planned to optimize the copy and content of their website to make sure the customers find something interesting to read on the landing page. We also planned to bid on certain keywords to bring customers to the page.

July 2022

Using Our Skill Set

Our digital marketing team, made of people who had years of experience in the field knew exactly what our clients needed to grow and revitalize the business. So, they used their magic and made sure that the website got a lot of traffic and increased their conversion rate.

July 2022

Executing the Strategy

So, we launched our paid advertising campaign to boost sales for all the products. Strategy & ROI focused on campaigns with tight keyword themes to boost initial sales for the top products. And within 24 hours, there was a lot of interest from potential clients.

September 2022

The Solution

Our PPC campaign has helped Caiazzo Law Firms gain a significant amount of new work, and has helped them get into the previously untapped market as well. We increased the traffic to their website by a whopping 350% and increased their conversion rate by something around 88%. And that is not the end. We are still working with them to get incredible results for the business.

Our Promises

Happy Clients Are Why We Work So Hard

Our website marketing has helped Caiazzo Law Firms achieve remarkable results. We have worked to maximize the client’s potential within only a few months of partnership.

We Believe In Security

Working with us ensures the complete security of your website. The data we collect is well protected.

We Believe In Quality

Our professionals install only quality marketing solutions to drive quality results.

We Believe In Ability

Strategy & ROI believes that every website has the potential to improve when taken care of by professionals.

We Believe In Relation

Strategy & ROI fosters a strong relationship with Eventshely and continues offering marketing solutions to them every time they are in need.

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