Our Social Media Advertising Campaigns Focus on Creating Brand Awareness and Ensuring Conversions

Hanami Life Academy can its customers the life they have always been dreaming about. Our client aims to help its customers be proactive in life and set goals for achieving them. Yet, the company wanted to up its social media marketing efforts to reach out to more interested audiences and grow its customer base. We helped them with a social media marketing plan that established their brand as the market leader.


Dig into Our Milestone to Know How
We Achieved Our Goal

September 2021

The Challenge

Hanami Life Academy was grappling with its social media presence and generating sustainable results. One of our greatest challenges was to find people who would take an interest in what the client had to offer. The brand’s ROAS was low in the beginning as its affinity target is so broad.

September 2021

Project Idea

Our first step was to perform extensive market research, campaign analysis, and industry benchmarking to learn about your client’s ideal audience and create an effective social media marketing solution.

October 2021

Using Our Skill Set

Strategy & ROI professionals are adept at handling Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media marketing channels to promote the brand’s story.

October 2021

Executing the Strategy

Our initial campaign focused on increasing our client’s social media followers through targeted social media marketing techniques. Professionals have been chosen based on the previous engagement rates. We create social media content pieces that can get the highest engagement and have been optimized to build a loyal and quality following.

January 2022

The Solution

The purpose of our campaign was to spread brand awareness and drive traffic to Hanami Life Academy’s website. After a successful campaign, our next step was to optimize the ongoing campaign depending on the gathered insights. We aim to expand your reach and introduce unique content that will increase the client’s conversion rate.

hanami life academy marketing

Client’s Success is Our Only Aim

With our help, Hanami Life Academy was able to establish a strong social media presence and increase its conversion rate.

We Believe In Security

Join hands with us and you don’t have to worry about your website or social media profile security.

We Believe In Quality

Our aim is to drive quality results through our social media campaign and drive results for our clients.

We Believe In Ability

We strongly believe in the ability of your website and work to bring that in front of the right audience.

We Believe In Relation

Our team will never cut off ties with you simply because the work is done with us as we believe in fostering relationships.

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