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Eventshely is an online solution for customers who want to host a celebration or a Fiesta. The goal of the company is to turn every event and occasion into memories for life. The client reached out to us so that we can manage its website marketing and put in place a marketing campaign that will bring them more sales. We took over the marketing campaign and transformed its online business from infrequent to steadily increasing sales.


Dig into Our Milestone to Know How
We Achieved Our Goal

December 2021

The Challenge

Eventshely came to Strategy & ROI as its eCommerce website was experiencing little to no traffic or sales at all. The company didn’t even have a digital advertising strategy. With high expectations from the client, we directed our marketing efforts to a solution that would drive initial performance.

December 2021

Project Idea

We performed a comprehensive audit to decide on the direction of our marketing efforts. After we got a budget estimation from our client, we planned out our SEO, PPC, and SEM campaign for them.

January 2022

Using Our Skill Set

Our professionals who are proficient in business listing, competitor analysis, Google Analytics, PPC, keyword optimization, and social media marketing, came together to work on this campaign.

January 2022

Executing the Strategy

So, we launched our paid advertising campaign to boost sales for all the products. Strategy & ROI focused on campaigns with tight keyword themes to boost initial sales for the top products. We aimed to offer good results for the company.

February 2022

The Solution

Our solutions revolved around technical site optimizations, search engine marketing, and paid-per-click. We aligned our strategies according to our client’s requirements. Strategy & ROI’s website marketing campaign is ongoing and we keep implementing new strategies for sustainable growth.


Client’s Success and Growth is Our Accomplishment

Our website marketing has helped Eventshely achieve remarkable results. We have worked to maximize the client’s potential within only a few months of partnership.

We Believe In Security

Working with us ensures the complete security of your website. The data we collect is well protected.

We Believe In Quality

Our professionals install only quality marketing solutions to drive quality results.

We Believe In Ability

Strategy & ROI believes that every website has the potential to improve when taken care of by professionals.

We Believe In Relation

Strategy & ROI fosters a strong relationship with Eventshely and continues offering marketing solutions to them every time they are in need.

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