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In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, success often hinges on a combination of strategic thinking, innovative techniques, and a deep understanding of the target audience. No one knows this better than Strategy and ROI, a digital marketing agency that has achieved remarkable success for its clients. One such client is WestAlbanyDental, a local dental practice that was looking to elevate its online presence and attract a broader patient base. What follows is a compelling digital marketing success story that showcases the prowess of Strategy and ROI in achieving tangible results.


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Nomvember 2022

The Challenge

While offering first-rate dental care, WestAlbanyDental had been having trouble getting noticed online. They were struggling to attract the interest of potential new clients while also contending with fierce competition from rival practices. They realized they needed a thorough digital marketing strategy to change their fortunes because their website lacked optimization and their social media presence was practically nonexistent.

Nomvember 2022

Project Idea

Enter Strategy and ROI, armed with a team of experienced digital marketing experts who specialize in crafting tailored strategies for their clients. Their first task was to conduct a thorough analysis of WestAlbanyDental’s existing online presence and identify areas for improvement.

December 2022

Using Our Skill Set

We did a whole overhaul of their website, as well as created new content and optimized the SEO to help them get the first-page ranking. We also developed a whole strategy while keeping in mind the vibe and the idea the business is based on. We targeted the demographic so that the business reaches everyone with an internet connection.

December 2022

Executing the Strategy

Strategy and ROI started a full website overhaul after realizing that it served as the dental practice’s online storefront. A strategic SEO campaign was put in place by Strategy and ROI to increase WestAlbanyDental’s exposure in search results. Strategy and ROI created interesting and educational blog posts about dental health, procedures, and patient testimonials knowing that content is king in the digital realm. plan and ROI created and carried out a strong social media plan in order to harness the power of social media.

March 2023

The Solution

Within the first six months, WestAlbanyDental experienced a 60% increase in website traffic, thanks to improved SEO and content marketing efforts. The dental practice achieved first-page rankings for several high-value keywords, positioning them ahead of the competition. Perhaps the most significant achievement was the steady influx of new patients. WestAlbanyDental saw a 40% increase in patient appointments, with a significant number citing their online presence as a deciding factor. Through engaging social media campaigns, WestAlbanyDental built a loyal online community and saw a 50% increase in social media followers.

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