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Our Digital Marketing Experts Helped Sixthborodesigns Capture New Markets.

When Sixth Boro Design approached us to improve their social media presence, they were just a new startup with an incredible line of merchandise that was filled with potential screaming to penetrate new, we promised them that we would help them new heights of success that they truly deserve to reach. We audited their website and helped them crawl through the Google ranking. We helped them optimize their digital platforms and social media which helped them reach new potential customers, and in turn, increase their sales.


Dig into Our Milestone to Know How
We Achieved Our Goal

January 2021

The Challenge

When Sixth Boro Design approached us with the hopes that we would help them plan a digital marketing plan that would help them grow their brand image and reach new potential customers,  we took it upon ourselves the promise to deliver.

January 2021

Project Idea

Our journey started by conducting comprehensive market research and campaign analysis to understand the client’s target audience, goals, and competitors. Strategy and ROI then developed a customized social media marketing plan that matched the client’s needs and budget.

February 2021

Using Our Skill Set

We used our knowledge to create a digital marketing plan that is in tandem with the client’s demands. We streamlined their social media content on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to maximize visitor interaction.

February 2021

Executing the Strategy

We optimized their social media content like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to increase engagement and visibility. Our digital marketing professionals took in every bit of data and analysis from the campaign and they changed their tactics on the go.

Jun 2022

The Solution

Our marketing campaign helped Sixth Boro Designs achieve remarkable results in a short time. We helped them build a loyal and quality fan base that interacted with their content regularly. We continue to work with Sixth Boro Designs to maintain and improve their social media presence and grow their business.

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We helped Sixth Boro Design find new revenue streams with our digital marketing magic. And we are proud of that accomplishment.

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