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We Helped SAB Entertainment Reach Their Maximum Potential Through Digital Marketing

SAB Entertainment contacted us at Strategy & ROI to help them increase their social media presence and reach new audiences and customers. As a production house that is owned and operated by people of color, we at Strategy & ROI devised a social media campaign plan for them that will help them reach new audiences and reach new heights. With our planning, they established themselves as one of the best in the industry.


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February 2022

The Challenge

SAB Entertainment was struggling with their social media presence as being a small organization, they did not have any idea as to how to use the power of social media to grow or any experts to help them out. The greatest challenge for us was to create a game plan where we could maximize their potential and organically reach the audience.

February 2022

Project Idea

Our first step was to create an extensive market research plan, and campaign analysis, among other things we learned our client’s ideal audience, and then we created an effective social media marketing solution.

March 2022

Using Our Skill Set

We used our skills to create a social media marketing plan that suits the needs of the client. We streamlined their social media content on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to maximize visitor interaction.

March 2022

Executing the Strategy

Our initial campaign focused on increasing our client’s social media followers through targeted social media marketing techniques. Professionals were chosen based on the previous engagement rates. We create social media content pieces that can get the highest engagement and are optimized to build a loyal and quality following.

July 2022

The Solution

The purpose of the campaign was to increase the social media follower count and reach of the client. After a successful campaign, our next step was to optimize the ongoing campaign depending on the gathered insights. We aim to expand your reach and introduce unique content that will increase your conversion rate.

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We harnessed the power of social media, and we helped Sab Entertainment find new followers.

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