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Strategy & ROI Helped Psychedely Gain New Attention And New Costumes As Well

Psychedeli is one of the up-and-coming cafes in Canberra City. They were kind of the go-to place for patrons who wanted to have a cup of coffee and some tasty lunch without having to worry about taste and quality. But when covid hid and they had to face the lockdown, they decided that they wanted to expand their business in the online sector, and asked Strategy & ROI to help them out with the endeavor. And we decided to aid them.


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December 2022

The Challenge

When Psychedeli contacted us, tho, they had a website, they had next to no digital media presence. So, the main challenge was to create a strategy where we could maximize their visibility on the Internet, all the while providing the same in-store vibe for the existing customers as well as gaining attention from new customers.

December 2022

Project Idea

After the initial meeting, our team decided that the best course of action would be to create a multi-platform digital marketing plan that encompasses every aspect of the business. That would help them to grab the attention of new customers as well as let the old patrons know that they were still open for business.

January 2023

Using Our Skill Set

We assembled our team of experts who were experienced in this field and made sure that the strategy we had in place worked. So, we asked our experts to make plans for everything, like social media marketing, business listing, competitor analysis, Google Analytics, PPC, and keyword optimization, and worked hard to fulfill our promise to the client.

January 2023

Executing the Strategy

Our solutions revolved around technical site optimizations, search engine marketing, and paid-per-click. We aligned our strategies according to our client’s requirements. Strategy & ROI’s website marketing campaign is ongoing and we keep implementing new strategies for sustainable growth.

April 2023

The Solution

The plans we had were implemented. And we saw immediate results. the website received twice the amount of traffic in the next 24 hours and that translated into sales. And the revenue stream grew. They also got new followers on their social media and gained popularity and a reputation as an authentic organization.

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Our website marketing has helped Psychedelil achieve remarkable results. We have worked to maximize the client’s potential within only a few months of partnership.

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