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House Values Case Study: Capturing New Markets with Digital Marketing Expertise House Values

House Values is one of the most promising startups that came to Strategy and ROI to help them out with their Google ads campaign. they wanted to increase their amount of clicks and the number of visitors who are visiting them with the hopes of expanding their business. So, we helped them out with the complicated part of Google ads and made sure that the Cost Per Click stayed at a very nominal rate of less than $0.20.


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December 2021

The Challenge

House Values faced the challenge of transforming from a small enterprise into a recognizable brand. With limited resources and expertise in Google Ads, they sought a strategic partner capable of devising and implementing a comprehensive strategy to enhance brand visibility and conversion rates.

December 2021

Project Idea

Strategy & ROI initiated the project by delving into a thorough market analysis and campaign assessment. This step aimed to gain insights into House Values’ target audience, competitors, and aspirations. Based on these insights, Strategy & ROI crafted a bespoke social media marketing blueprint tailored to the client’s objectives and financial framework.

January 2022

Using Our Skill Set

Drawing upon their digital marketing expertise, Strategy & ROI developed a comprehensive social media marketing plan that seamlessly aligned with House Values’ unique requirements. This strategy encompassed various platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, with the primary goal of enhancing user engagement and interaction.

January 2022

Executing the Strategy

With the strategy in place, Strategy & ROI set out to optimize House Values’ social media presence across multiple platforms. Through meticulous content curation, strategic scheduling, and audience engagement tactics, they succeeded in amplifying user engagement and brand visibility. Continuous monitoring and analysis of campaign performance allowed for data-driven adjustments to optimize results further.

May 2022

The Solution

Strategy & ROI’s dedication and expertise yielded remarkable outcomes for House Values within a relatively short timeframe.  Additionally, Strategy & ROI played a pivotal role in cultivating an engaged and loyal fan base that regularly interacted with House Values’ content.

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